It's Alright, Just The Same

by Adeline Hotel

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bryce barsten
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bryce barsten This record will grab you and hold you close. It's lighthearted, thoughtful, and the masterful guitar work/song-writing will stun you. This record will find its way close to your heart. Favorite track: So Recognizable.
Jeremy (HI54LOFI)
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Jeremy (HI54LOFI) this one's a grower, make some time for it Favorite track: Near You.
jon & liam
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jon & liam "The perfect soundtrack for an early-evening drive where the shadows are stretched and the sun is setting with a golden hue" -
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"Curious blend of adventure and nostalgia...a poignancy which serves to remind you of the glorious fact that you are alive." - Wake The Deaf

"Restless love...with a pervasive emotional depth and some fun easter eggs scattered about." - Grimy Goods

"Wonderfully ragged, it marks a big step forwards. There’s a fuller sound and a sense of an ambition realized." - Half-Life Music

"An effort to make sense of the everyday bits of life, perhaps take a stab at some kind of bigger idea behind it all, laid out neatly on a bed of country-tinged slow core." - BreakThru Radio

"Knishkowy concocts a simmering slow-boil country shuffle that sounds like Wilco fronted by Will Oldham." - Nooga


released May 13, 2016

Words and music by Dan Knishkowy
Produced by Will Stratton and Dan Knishkowy
Engineered and mixed by Will Stratton at the Buddy Project in Queens, NY and Will's house in Beacon, NY
Additional recording by Mike Brenner, Sam Cantor and Johanna Samuels.
Mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering in Greenpoint, NY
Album art by Michael Steiner

Dan Knishkowy - guitars and vocals
Will Stratton - guitar (2,3,6,7,8), piano (1,2,4,5,7,9), mellotron (5,6)
Andrew Stocker - bass (1,2,4,7,9), vocals (2,7)
Sean Walsh - drums (1,2,4,7,9)
Mike 'Slo-Mo' Brenner - pedal steel (4), lap steel (9)
Sam Cantor - vocals (2,3,7)
Johanna Samuels - vocals (4,5,9)
Michael Steiner - vocals (3,7)
Bryce Barsten - vocals (7)

Special thanks to Will for bringing these songs to life; to Sammy, Andrew and Michael, without whom none of this would be possible; to Chrissy for the love and belief.



all rights reserved


Adeline Hotel New York

Adeline Hotel is songwriter Dan Knishkowy.

"It's Alright, Just The Same" out now.


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Track Name: Oh Well
I've got time of yours to waste
You don't know it yet but just you wait
I've got time of yours to waste
I've got love and twisted taste

It's alright, it's just the same
It's not why I leave but it's why I don't stay
I'm going back
Always going back
Can we ever go back?

When you move somewhere, you can be anyone else
But I'll probably just be myself
Oh well
Track Name: Near You
Ride, weathered and worn
All night through an Asheville storm
"Someone Else's Song" on the radio
Now I know I was wrong to let you go

But I don't want to be my home

Sleep better tonight
In the heat of red moon light
Whatever we are, whatever we'll be
I used to live near you, you used to love near me

Another war, another sea
Track Name: Lay Low
Biting down on a burnt tongue
It's not my place to say
You only make you world smaller now
Cleverly stuck in your ways

I fell in love with the feeling
Drew your youth on my back
Let you imagine a place for me
To fill in all the ways that you lack

Take time, lay low
I don't know which way I'll go
Take time, lay low
I don't know which way I'll go
I got love

I know I don't make this easy
Greedy arms but out of site
I'm a backseat driver, late arriver
And who am I to say what's right?

Take time, lay low
I don't know which way I'll go
Take time, lay low
I don't know which way I'll go
I got love
Track Name: Disarray
Day after day
Thought I heard somebody say
"Ain't this the greatest place?"
But I always get tired of trying to explain

Lonely joy
12-month layover employed
But when summer breaks, a curtain raises
Reliably and bored

It's 3am in Paris time, I'm doing fine
You're staying home just to be proud,
"Over it now"
I get tired and think it through,
You get high and listen to
The sounds of First Avenue

I shouldn't have changed, you said
Just this distance rearranged us
In ways I can't explain,
You gave me just enough rope to let me hang

I laughed as you danced
Thought of "I Remember Me"
Are you still living there rent free
At my old place on Bowery?

It's 3am in Paris time, I'm doing fine
You're staying home just to be proud,
"Over it now"
I get tired and think it through,
You get high and listen to
The sounds of First Avenue

And I was sure in Kansas City,
It was easier back then
To find a way for us to fit between
Your grander schemes and plans
You were older when we met, I'm older now
Tally up regret
It's evened out

It's 3am in Central time, you're doing fine
I'm staying home just to be proud,
Over you now
You get tired of thinking through
A long goodbye and bitter too
A chance too
To start anew

Do you still miss
The smell of my shirt newly worn?
I still love the taste of disarray
You're famous for
Track Name: So Recognizable
Missing all these moments when I'm gone
Every time I hold my breath too long
I always loved away the present tense
Moments just as means to other ends

And I can't help but saying it out loud
I always seem to lose myself in crowds
Used to think it such an awful truth
But lately I don't hate it because of you

And I laugh because
There's something recognizable in us
It's almost like we know too much
To love enough when it finds us
And I sigh

California's hanging over us
I'm missing all these moments because
You're always on my mind but I don't know
Probably I loved you but not on the phone

And I don't recognize what was my home
We always got this shit to hold way below
But I let go and I find

Laughing in an unfamiliar way
I came but I don't mind, I think I'll stay
Take a chance on someone else's faith
And what I find so recognizable

Something tells me we could be alright
I know it never lasts but yet it might
A home we built despite ourselves, I know
Finally a love I need to grow
Track Name: My Friend
My friend, he wasn't raised to believe
And I do most of the talking when we leave
Though I can know why he's feeling all alone
There's nothing I can do to help him if he won't
Let love in a little

We both believe it's the fire that makes the trust
Why then doesn't it seem to be enough?
A chip on his shoulder so wide you won't believe
Now I don't know when to sigh and when to breathe
Is this what I want or what is expected of me?

My friend, he plays the drums all the time
And I hope he can find loving down the line
We both know just the extent to which he lies
But I can't help but love him 'cause he tries
Would you love him a little?
Track Name: Wonder Why
I wonder why
You let me lie
It's not gonna help things stay the same

And I never expect
To be the best
So why are you looking at me that way?

What I didn't realize
Seemed out of place
That leaving is simpler where staying takes grace

You bend and fold
You complain about getting old
And how the places we used to see shows are all getting sold

Then one day we'll look back and laugh
Til then recoil with no face to the past
Then one day we'll look back and laugh
Til then recoil with no face to the past

Love's like a bus
You wait forever and two come at once
By the time you've made up your mind, they're all filled up

And I said "you look thin-"
You cut me off, said "before you begin..
Well I'm happily living there with him"

Then one day we'll look back and laugh
Til then recoil with no face to the past
Then one day we'll look back and laugh
Til then recoil with no face to the past

Is it better to lose?
Just caressing our egos and blues
Staying here through the seasons
With you
Track Name: Magnolia
Autumn came without warning
In the year of Magnolia mornings
Fever dream
Moments between

Every hour that the sun slips
Cursing riddles and unlit
Vacancy lights
Now I don't mind

Now I find
Someone else's summer dress
Has got me twisted up inside
On the west coast, when you left
Oh, you were always on my mind

And we're weighing expectations
And you're stoned and I'm wasted
Love alive
Track Name: Reciprocal Ages
Telling everyone 9:30
So they're showing up at 10
Pace round the floor boards forever
Playing Big Star with my best friend

And everyone here's talking about real estate
Upgrading on their jobs and their next dates
But what are you gonna do with the spare room
When the only one living there is you?

We talked of Big Nothing forever
You laughed when I told you my name
Surprised that I made you feel better
I said "it's alright, just the same"

We met at reciprocal ages
Playing on different stages
I tacked on a year to sound better
She wanted to believe me so I let her